• Employer Guide to Apprenticeships

How to Build an Apprenticeship Programme

Your business can work with training providers to create an Apprenticeship programme. As an employer offering an Apprenticeship you need to:

•    Employ an apprentice for a minimum of 30 hours per week
•    Pay at least the national minimum wage for apprentices
•    Induct the apprentice and support their on-the-job learning using skills and knowledge in the workforce
•    Be involved in reviewing the progress of an apprentice

ATT will support you to:

•    Identify the Apprenticeship that fits your business requirements
•    Recruit an apprentice
•    Develop a training plan which reflects the apprentice and employer requirements
•    Review and test the progress of the apprentice and provide feedback
•    Provide training to support the knowledge elements of the programme
•    You can advertise your Apprenticeship vacancy by registering with the service:


What Level should I consider?

There are 3 levels of apprenticeship available:

•    Intermediate level Apprenticeship (level 2) - equivalent to 5 A*- C GCSEs
•    Advanced level Apprenticeship (level 3) - equivalent to 2 A-levels
•    Higher level Apprenticeship (level 4 and above)

The Apprenticeship AGE Grant & The Employer Levy

You can find all the information on how the Apprenticeship AGE grant and Employer Levy could affect your business here.

The Objectives:

•    To boost productivity by investing in human capital
•    Place employers in control of Apprenticeship funding, through the Digital Apprenticeship Service
•    Developing Vocational skills in the workplace
•    Develop high quality Apprenticeship training.
•    Increase Apprenticeship take up by 3,000,000 starts.

Find out more

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