Levy Payers - How to set up your Apprenticeships

Get the most out of your Apprenticeship Levy payments and get your Apprenticeship programme up and running. You have to pay the Levy, so why not use it to recruite or upskill your current employees.

There is still time to ensure you get the benefit of your Levy payments. Here are some simple guidelines on the Apprenticeship Levy and how to get your Apprenticeships started. 

ATT can help you plan and manage your programme. Here is our guide on setting up your Apprenticeship programme and making the most of your Levy payments.

Research and Planning

How much money have you to spend?

The levy is based on your monthly payroll, so how much you pay may vary each month. It is important to try and work out how much you will pay into your Levy account over the financial year as this will help you determine how many apprentices you can support.
What training do you need?

Right at the beginning you need to work out what skills your business needs to develop, so getting HR and your senior management team together to look at your organisations’ strategic objectives, would help in deciding where your training focus should lie.
Choose or build your programme

What Apprenticeships do I need?

Now you need to choose the Apprenticeships that match the skills you need to develop. You might want to improve your customer service or retail selling skills. Apprenticeships don’t all cost the same, they depend on the training and level, for example an Engineering Apprenticeship Level 5 will cost more than Business Administration Level 2.

What Training Provider?

When choosing a provider, you must choose an approved training provider and these can be found on the online provider directory.

Manage your funding and training schedule

Now that you have chosen your Apprenticeships and hopefully ATT to do your training, we can help you put together the agreed costs and payment schedule.
Working with you we will build the programme and training schedule around your business needs. And those of your apprentices.
It is important to ensure you have your Apprenticeship Service Account as this is where your Levy payments will be made to and from and where you pay your provider. You will be able to monitor your balance and forecast the funding you will have in the future. Remember that the government adds 10% to the funds in your account.

Recruit your Apprentices

You can at the stage recruit apprentices from outside the organisation or you can choose to train and upskill your current employees. Of course, you can do both.
We can help to recruit both internally and externally offering you support and guidance on any marketing. Your opportunities can be advertised on the “Find an Apprenticeship” online site and you can advertise on Universal Job Match, social media is also a good way. Of course, you can use any way to promote your vacancies and ATT as your provider will be able to advise and support you.

Get started

Now that you have everything in place the training can begin. ATT will offer you excellent training and provide you with assessments and progress reports on your apprentices. We will organise regular meetings with you, so that you can keep up to date with your programme. This will help you decide how you want to move your programme forward for subsequent years. Remember if you are new to Apprenticeships we are here to offer you all the support and advice you need.

Why use ATT?

ATT are experts in Health and Social Care, Retail, Business Administration, Team Leading, Management, Customer Services, Warehousing and Storage and Clean Environment. We put your business at the heart of the Apprenticeship, working with you to get the best training for you.

We deliver our training on your premises so that we can maximise the training with minimum impact to the businesses everyday running. We are confident that our expertise combined with our friendly and supportive learnng coaches will help your staff get the training they need to help your business develop and grow.

If you would like to know more about how ATT can support your Apprenticeship programme or other training needs you may have, then call us on 01603 722209 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will be happy to help.